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Save up to $619 on city select® 2 bundles Shop now
Tips for urban parents: Navigating the city hustle with Baby Jogger

Tips for urban parents: Navigating the city hustle with Baby Jogger

City life is full of excitement, energy, and endless possibilities. Between the constant hum of cars and the mix of different cultures, there's always something new to see and feel. For parents raising their little ones in the heart of the city, Baby Jogger strollers can be the perfect companion to smoothly navigate the urban jungle. Here's how to make the most of it.

Compact and Convenient

In a city that's always on the move, you need a stroller that can keep up. Baby Jogger's patented one-hand fold ensures quick and easy storage, perfect for hopping on public transport, hailing a cab or getting in and out of your vehicle.

Optimise for Urban Terrain

Sidewalks can be uneven, and crossing streets or boarding buses may require a little finesse. Opt for a Baby Jogger model with durable wheels and top-notch suspension, ensuring a smooth ride no matter the city challenges.

Travel Light

While Baby Jogger strollers offer ample storage, it's wise for city parents to pack only the essentials. Whether it's a quick trip to the grocery store or a visit to the local park, traveling light ensures manoeuvrability through crowded areas.

Safety First

City life comes with its own set of challenges - busy intersections, bustling crowds, and the occasional curious pet. Always ensure your baby is safely harnessed in, and utilize the stroller's brake system when stationary, especially on those city inclines.


City weather can be unpredictable. With Baby Jogger's extended canopy and weather shield accessories, you can be ready for sudden rain showers or intense sun.

Be Public Transport Prepared

If your urban adventure includes buses or subways, choose a Baby Jogger stroller that is lightweight and easy to manoeuvre. Having a stroller that's easy to fold can be especially beneficial when space is at a premium.

Build a Routine

Cities often have beautiful parks, child-friendly museums, and play areas. Establish a routine that allows your baby to enjoy these spaces, turning strolls into learning adventures.

Connect with Other Urban Parents

Look for local parenting groups or playground meet-ups in your city. Exchanging city-specific tips and advice with fellow urban parents can be both fun and incredibly helpful. Whether it's recommending a stroller-friendly café or sharing a hidden city park gem, these connections enrich the urban parenting experience.

Use the Storage

Maximise the undercarriage storage of your Baby Jogger. It's perfect for holding shopping bags during city errands, ensuring you don't have to juggle between pushing the stroller and carrying bags.

Stay Alert

Cities are dynamic and ever-changing. While enjoying the city's pulse, always stay aware of your surroundings. This ensures both you and your baby have a delightful and safe urban experience.

Urban parenting is a thrilling journey of balancing the city's pace with your child's needs. With Baby Jogger as your city partner, every outing becomes an opportunity for a new adventure. Embrace the city lights, sounds, and rhythms, knowing that Baby Jogger has got your back (and your baby's!).

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