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The stroller that grows with your family: Explore the magic of city select® 2

The stroller that grows with your family: Explore the magic of city select® 2

In the dynamic world of parenting, finding a stroller that fits into the evolving needs of your family is like winning the tattslotto – no exaggeration. Enter the city select 2, suitably referred to as  "the stroller that grows with your family". Below, we will dive into the features of the city select 2, revealing how it seamlessly transforms from a single to a double stroller and even accommodates a third little adventurer with the addition of a glider board.


Modular Marvel: Adapting to Your Family's Size

The city select 2 boasts a modular design that provides versatility and flexibility needed for a growing family.

Whether you're enjoying a peaceful outing with just your baby or heading out on a lively adventure with the entire crew, the city select 2 stroller seamlessly adjusts to your family's needs. Its modular design allows easy breezy transitioning from a single to a double or even a triple stroller. Regardless of your family's size, the city select 2 remains the ideal companion for all your journeys.

Compact Convenience: One-Step Fold for Easy Travel

Celebrated for its patented one-hand fold, a hallmark of Baby Jogger's innovation,— the city select 2 seamlessly incorporates this convenient feature. Unlike many other strollers, the city select 2 is designed for easy folding with a single hand, ensuring effortless storage and travel for parents on the go.

Plus, with an impressive 20% reduction in size and lightweight nature, this stroller compact stroller is the ultimate parenting must-have. This emphasis on compact convenience makes the city select 2 an ideal choice for families navigating tight spaces or loading up for adventures, big or small.


Spacious Bliss: Comfortable Seating for Every Child

The city select 2 Stroller’ notable design incorporates spacious seating, also allowing for ample room between multiple seat applications. This feature prioritises the comfort of your children, offering them freedom of movement and fostering an environment conducive to independent exploration.

Sidewalk Savvy: Manoeuvring with Ease

The city select 2 stroller is a true urban navigator with sidewalk-savvy features. Its height-adjustable handlebar ensures personalised comfort, while the front-wheel suspension and all-terrain tires guarantee a smooth, controlled ride on any urban terrain. From cracked pavements to gravel paths, this stroller effortlessly adapts to the dynamic challenges of city exploration.

Storage Galore: Meeting Your Parenting Needs

The city select 2 stroller provides on-the-go parents with smart storage solutions. From convenient seat back pockets to a spacious under-seat basket holding up to 6.8kg (15 lbs), it offers versatile options for quick access and organised storage for any outing. With the city select 2, parents can confidently navigate daily activities, ensuring essentials are close at hand.

Customisable Configurations: Tailored to Your Family's Needs

The city select 2 stroller is like a magician with 24 configurations, letting you customise travel for up to two kids, or three if you include the glider board. It's all about making the ride comfortable and secure for each of your little ones and your own unique family dynamic. While the stroller itself offers numerous configurations, optional Baby Jogger accessories are available for those looking to expand possibilities further, making the city select 2 the perfect ride for families changing needs and adventures.

Seamless Travel Systems: Ready for the Journey Ahead

The city select 2 is effortlessly transformed into a double stroller when the City GO™ 2 infant car seat is integrated. This smart addition makes transition from car to stroller hassle-free and is the perfect travel system for families on the go. short trips to the shops to family road trips, the city select 2 provides a practical stroller solution.

city select 2: Eco Collection

For parents with an eco-conscious mindset, the city select 2 introduces the TENCEL™ eco collection. Experience the Lunar Black and Harbour Grey colours in this sustainable line, offering soft, breathable fabric which has been responsibly sourced. TENCEL™ is not only gentle on the environment but also resists bacteria growth and aids in thermal regulation. Discover a stylish and eco-friendly choice for your family adventures.

Real-World Praise:

"We received the City Select as a gift when I had my third child. As you can imagine, I've gone through many different strollers over the years with multiple kids. I can say with absolute certainty that this is my favourite."

- SJ13


The city select 2 is more than just a stroller; it's a companion that evolves with your family's journey and needs. From its modular design to compact fold and versatile configurations, the city select 2 stands as a testament to convenience, adaptability, longevity and the joy of exploration for families of all sizes. Embrace the magic of a stroller that truly grows with your family—choose the city select 2 for a travel experience that transforms with every step.

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