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We the team at My Child Magazine are a very fortunate bunch, the things that we are most passionate about (everything and anything to do with kids), usually means we get the opportunity to research and review the latest children products to hit the market.   

The team love a good stroller review and with our eager mum army all wanting to review the new Baby a Jogger® City Mini® GT2, it was no small feat choosing just one! The new City Mini® GT2 has had a total face lift, but still has all the key features you love plus a few more that makes it easy to understand why it’s Baby Jogger Best Selling Baby Stroller

The new design is understated and with its simple yet elegant appearance, it’s really does stand out in the crowd. From the new fabrics to the manoeuvrability, the City Mini® GT2 is the stroller so full of surprises it will leave you speechless. 


The seat is quite large and will easily accommodate a taller child. It reclines to an almost flat position ensuring that you child can have a rest in a comfortable position wherever you are. 


LOVE, LOVE, LOVE – that’s all we can say. The new adjustable calf support allows you to place you child’s feet either in an up or down position. If you recline the seat all the way down and put up the calf support, it seriously turns this stroller into the perfect mini bed. You won’t have to interrupt your day again and again to get home for naps, because this stroller has you covered. 


This is another feature I didn’t know I needed. I was excited by the calf support but then I adjusted the handle and I instantly felt safer with the grip I had. Adjusting the height is super easy, just push in the side buttons move the handlebar to suit your needs. 


This canopy is life changing! It’s huge and gives your baby full coverage from the harsh sun while protecting their little eyes. It’s made with UV50+ material and has the three panels so that you can adjust it as needed. It has two magnetic peek-a-boo windows so you can keep an eye on your precious cargo easily. Plus, there are 2 heights you can set the canopy to, so both tall and short kids are covered. 


This took a little while to get use too as it’s a hand operated parking brake. I kept going for the red latch at the foot area only to remind myself that the brake was on the side.  Now after using this for a few days, I’ve come to the conclusion that this is by far another added safety feature that mums of 2+ need. I love that I have to put it on before going around the front of the stroller to your child which makes accidents a lot less likely. 

(I wouldn’t call the hand brake a safety feature that you must need as this sounds like the Mini 2 foot brake is unsafe) 


I saved this feature for last as it’s just too good.  Once you use the one hand fold, you’ll never want to go back to anything else. Let me give you an example of how good this feature is. So, I decided that it would be a good idea to take my pre-schooler shopping to test the City Mini® GT2. The centre has elevators, travelators and people (Prams should not be used on elevators or escalators, please remove this) for days. Well like any good horror story that involves a child, this idea started out fine. I took out the stroller and set it up in 1 swift move and off we went. We managed to get the fresh foods and were on to frozen when it all went pear shaped. We had to pass the ice cream section and that’s when this little adventure became my worst nightmare. My darling daughter wanted an ice-cream, I said no (it’s currently my favourite word), so she threw the tantrum of all tantrums and just like that we had to leave everything and go get in the car to go home (that’s where we are at). When we got to the car, my delightful child was still screaming blue murder and I had to work out how to get her into the car without leaving the pram to get run over by some overzealous driver wanting my spot. This scenario would almost be contraception for almost any human however, I looked like a total pro carrying one screaming child horizontally under my arm while picking up the handle in the middle of the stroller seat and folding the pram with one motion to get in the back of the car which is a 4×4. It was a sight but thank goodness the stroller was easy to put in the car. My pre-schooler is a whole other story. 

Mia took the City Mini® GT2 for a test run and this is what she had to say: 

“I’d never considered using a 3-wheel stroller having brought a 4-wheeler when I had my son.  However, after reading about the City Mini® GT2 stroller’s agility, I was super keen to test it out and put it through my paces. I like to walk and regularly do the Bondi to Coogee walk which is just over 6kms a few times a week. The pram is rather small when folded down, so I was surprised by its size when I unfolded it. My son is 7 months now, so he was just able to use this stroller. (please clarify, as both strollers are suitable from newborn). To make sure we both had a good walk and because it was his first time in a big boy stroller, I had him sitting in a slightly reclined position.  The canopy is amazing, it was easy to adjust, and I could check on him through the peek-a-boo windows whenever I liked.  The best part was I don’t think there was one part of the walk where his face wasn’t covered by shade and that really appealed to me.  The walk was effortless with the City Mini® GT2.  The walk felt super smooth and the steering was something I haven’t experience before with a stroller.  I loved how you can adjust the handlebar and the storage at the bottom was ample and easy to access. One feature that is a standout was the one hand fold. My 4-wheeler has to be taken apart in two pieces to get into the car, but the City Mini® GT2 can be folded with one hand by simply using the handle on the seat to pull up towards the sky and presto its folded and it even auto locks so it won’t unfold on you! I give this pram a 5/5.” 

With plenty of storage and the ability to convert into a travel system with the City GO Car Seat Adapters now included as standard and a max child weight of 29.5kgs, the City Mini® GT2 will serve you and your family not well, but exceptionally. 

The all new Baby a Jogger® City Mini® GT2 is priced at only $799.  For more information or to order your City Mini® GT2 visit: 

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