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The stroller that grows with your family

Whether you’re looking for a travel system, a pram, a double stroller, a triple, or just a single, the City Select could be the only double pram you’ll ever need. The most versatile stroller on the market today, the City Select was designed to keep your family rolling as it grows from one child to two, or even three.



Customise Your Travel system

  • 10th Anniversary Edition



Belly Bar Single (City Select®)


City Select® Second Seat Kit


Car Seat Adapter Brackets (City Select/Premier/Select Lux)


Carry Bag - City Select®/City Premier®/Select Lux


Child Tray Single (City Select®)


City Go Car Seat Adaptors (Select / Select Lux / Premier)


City Select Second Seat Adaptors


City Select® - UV/Bug Canopy


City Select® Bassinet Kit


Cooler Bag


Deluxe Bassinet


Foot Muff - City Select


Glider Board


Liquid Holster - City Select®/City Premier®


Parent Console


Weather Shield - City Select / Select LUX ® Seat


additional information

Number of Seats: 1 or 2 (2nd Seat Sold Separately)
Child Maximum Weight: 20.5 kg per seat
Type: Everyday Stroller
Travel System Compatible: Yes - With Adapter (Sold Separately)
Dimensions Unfolded: 110cm x 65cm x 97cm
Dimensions Folded: 83cm x 65cm x 31xcm
Weight: 12.5kg (single)
Suitable From: 6 months+

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6 reviews for city select®

  1. Erin Bowers

    I love both the city select & elite. I’ve used my select in both double & single mode it was fantastic in both & can wait to use it in double again. The elite is a wonderful off-road pram & handles all train

  2. Cara

    The most amazing stroller ever. I have had my City Select stroller for 6 Years and it has seen me through 3 children. The part I love the most is the versatility that is offered with the seating configurations and the amazing, easy to access storage basket. I have only just now purchased a City Mini GT, as my oldest two are no longer needing a stroller. And the City Mini GT is fantastic for my youngest, making it so quick and easy to get in and out of the car and to school drop off and pickups. If I have another though, I will be pulling my City Select back out and using both.

  3. Jessica

    I specifically budgeted for this product before my baby was born. I wanted something that would last me for more than one child (something adaptable that could expand with my growing family) and something easy to use. I am so happy I invested in this pram, it is brilliant and ticks so many boxes. It is so easy and comfortable to use. Packs up easily into my car and unfolds just as easily. Mostly walk on enclosed footpaths but do go off-path around my neighborhood walking tracks and it handles amazingly, it’s so smooth to push! My baby loves the little peek-a-boo top, she always waves and smiles at me through it when I check on her. Love that I can buy little accessories if I wish to go with it. I also was able to modify this pram when my baby was an infant with the capsule attachments, that way I could transport my baby from the car to the pram and visa versa without waking her up in the early days. Such a life saver!!

  4. Caitlin Casey

    I absolutely LOVE my City Select! It is not only a good looking pram, but it is easy to use, it has a huge under carriage, the wheels handle all terrains and it will grow as my family grows. For a pram that can become a double, it is also not too heavy to pack away and moves with ease. Buying a pram is an investment, it’s not unlike a car when you have little ones and you need to love it and I am just so happy I went with the City Select after doing my research…couldn’t be happier with my new wheels!!!

  5. Lachy

    We upgraded from our old strider pram when baby number two was on the way. This Pram has been absolutely fantastic, even with a capsule and a toddler seat we have more room for nappy bags etc in the bottom than we ever had with just one child in the old pram. The wheels aren’t quite so wide so we actually fit through doorways with this pram! The brakes are easy to use with the small handbrake on the side, and the whole pram is just really smooth to use.

  6. Karen Michelle Villard

    We were clueless about prams and got lucky that we made the right choice buying the anniversary set that includes the bassinet. We bought the winter muff, handle bar, and car seat down the road. We love the idea how a pram can grow with our family from infant to toddler, from milks to solids, and from one to 2 (or even 3). We don’t have a car so we ludge our stuff at the very spacious net at the bottom. I’ve fitted up to 3 grocery bags plus a craft shopping bag, picnic set that includes the mat, food, utensils, ukulele and toys, a movie set where I’ve fitted my v-pillow so I can put bub to sleep, and even a used wooden cleaning trolley toy that I’ve bought from another mum. I can also be seen running with the pram as I find it very smooth to glide in the pavement. We go out a couple of times a week to shop at the city, go to the market, play at the library, and picnics at gardens or parks so it’s been tested in the different types of terrain even rough road but still sturdy and durable.

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