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the stroller that grows with your family
The City Select LUX® convertible stroller goes from a single to double, so your growing family is always ready for any adventure. It has the most riding options of any single to double stroller, with over 20 configurations. That’s over 25% more than the City Select! Add the bench seat so your older child can hop a ride. Or, add an infant car seat, bassinet, or second seat to accommodate up to two children. Folding stroller is 30% smaller and automatically locks, so it’s even easier to carry. All-wheel suspension and a decelerating hand brake provide increased comfort and control for this all terrain stroller.



Customise Your Travel system

  • Granite



Belly Bar (City Premier®/City Select LUX®)


Car Seat Adapter Brackets (City Select/Premier/Select Lux)


Carry Bag - City Select®/City Premier®/Select Lux


Child Tray (City Premier®/City Select LUX®)


City Go Car Seat Adaptors (Select / Select Lux / Premier)


City Select Lux Bassinet Kit Granite


City Select Lux Bassinet Kit Slate


Drink Holder


City Select Lux Second Seat Adaptors


City Select LUX® Bench Seat


City Select LUX® Second Seat Kit


City Select LUX® Shopping Tote


Deluxe Bassinet


Weather Shield - City Select / Select LUX ® Seat


Glider Board 2


Liquid Holster - City Select®/City Premier®


Deluxe Bassinet Jet


Parent Console


Baby Jogger Carry Bag


additional information

Number of Seats: 1 or 2 (2nd seat sold separately)
Child Maximum Weight: 20.5kg per seat
Type: Everyday 4 wheel stroller
Travel System Compatible: Yes - with adapter (sold separately)
Dimensions Unfolded: 110cm x 62cm x 109cm
Dimensions Folded: 77.5cm x 54.5xm x 25.5cm
Weight: 13.9kg (single)

User Manuals

city select LUX® User Manual

Reviews (25)

25 reviews for city select LUX®

  1. Jessica Mascaro

    This is my second pram purchase and my daughter is only 6 months old. I hated my old pram and was recommended the city select, I ended up buying the Select Lux and I absolutely love it. I love all the options for seating and also love that when I have another baby I won’t need a new pram! The Select Lux folds fairly compact for a big pram and I love the decelerating break!


    Strong and stable

  3. Jane Dyball

    I love it! I saw the toddler seat feature advertised and thought it was just genius. I have another brand pram which I also adore but when number 2 came along I got a skateboard attachment for the 3 year old but always ended up walking funny to accommodate it. I love that my son can hop on n off the seat easily and that it faces away from baby so he’s not distracting her from precious sleep. My only negative would be weight. It would be a definite 10/10 from me if it was just a bit lighter. Everything else is brilliant, looks good, comfortable and huge storage basket! Thanks for been so innovative

  4. Seanne Jenkin

    I love the easy fold function on my pram, and the fact that it’s 30% smaller then the original city select is great!

  5. Melissa Crennan

    Fantastic. Very sturdy and smooth. Very easy to use, very comfortable for bub.

  6. Alicia Bridge

    I absolutely LOVE this stroller! I searched for the perfect double stroller for months – specifically one that wasn’t a side-by-side or one where one seat was positioned below the other.. Lucky for me the City Select Lux was released 4 weeks before bub number two was born. It feels shorter in length than other doubles I’ve tested, is SO easy to manoeuvre (can easily push it with one hand with both kids in there!) and the bench seat accessory has been a lifesaver with my independent and “grown up” two year old. Also doesn’t take up too much space in the boot even with 2 seats attached. Have recommended it to every mother-to-be I know!

  7. Margarette Bennett

    I waited for the City Select Lux because of the different configurations and accessories that I can get as baby and my family grows. I like that it feels sturdy, that different parts can be replaced and the Lux in granite looks great. A big plus is that from the first time I put my baby in this stroller, he was all smiles.

  8. Hayley Jensen-Schmidt

    The city select lux is versatile and functional – everything I need to get out and about easily with my Bub. The fabric of the Lux model is gorgeous, couldn’t speak highly enough of my pram!

  9. Jacob Paulka

    The City Select Lux Is a great product. this pram is very user friendly friendly when attaching and detaching the bassinets and other accessories. The storage is fantastic as well. A very versatile product.

  10. Amy O’Leary

    I absolutely LOVE my Baby Jogger City Select Lux (Granite)! It’s sturdy, durable, easy to assemble/disassemble and steers so smoothly. I’ve received so many compliments on this stroller, it’s just so beautiful and I love that I can continue to use this stroller as my family grows. I would highly recommend this to anyone and everyone.

  11. Louisa Altavilla

    The City Select Lux is an easy and practicable pram to use. It’s is easy for me to fold up and put into the boot. I love the ability to use the break down hill to ensure extra safety for me and the baby. The appeal is the option for front and rear facing and the additional and great value options for a growing family. The material makes the pram look sleek while appealing to a busy mum on the go.

  12. Tina Hackshaw

    I recently purchased the city lux in granite this is my first time buying a baby jogger and I am impressed it folds very compact, the material is nice and has a luxury feel, the basket is huge and fits big bulky bags. the only thing I would love to see if some extras with it even a cup holder or rain cover. I bought this pram to help my weight loss journey and sun rain or shine we will be walking with our new pram. I have had lots of comments already love it

  13. Claire Trott

    Easy to assemble, beautiful to manoeuvre, long in length when bottom seat is flat, easy fold seat only down fall is unable to get to basket underneath when bench seat and seat is flat are in use.

  14. Macaela

    Four months in and absolutely loving my city select Lux. I also have the Baby Jogger city Go capsule and absolutely love the versatility of my pram being able to easily switch between the bassinet and capsule. The storage space underneath is also HUGE and gets put to good use. The collapsed frame also fits nicely taking up only half of my boot, leaving heaps of space for all other gear I now haul around for my son. I am also really happy that I found the perfect pram the first time around and am already set for when we grow our family. My only wish is that it stood up when I fold it up and unfold it – it’s not too tricky, but would be a bit easier.

  15. Glenn

    This was the first pram we purchased and we couldn’t be happier. Although it is a little bit heavy, it opens and closes easily, it feels sturdy and stable, we love the big wheels and don’t have any issues off road or going up driveways/gutters. It looks well made and the material seems very durable and hard wearing. The seat comes on and off easily and it has a great large storage compartment underneath and all the attachments we were looking for in a stroller. We also love that we won’t have to get a different pram when the second one comes along as it will take two seats or a bassinet and seat.

  16. Lauren

    I purchased a pram with my first child that was heavy, hard to fold and just not a great pram. When I fell pregnant with baby number 2 I had a reason to get a new pram, but I wanted one compatible with a capsule and that had options on where you could have the newborn. I ended up picking the city select lux and it is incredible! Easy to steer, and having the hand brake on the handlebar makes going anywhere a breeze. I would highly recommend this pram!

  17. Lara

    I could not love this pram more than I do, we had the mini GT prior which I love to have for more compact holidays as its so lightweight but we went in to purchase the city select and walked out with the city select LUX.
    The fabric is beautiful and so easy to clean, the basket area is so spacious and the whole pram is so sturdy and quiet moving from different surface areas. My little one loves the different sitting options which has been great for sleeps too as we are always out and about. I love that this pram will grow with my family to hold up to three. Thank you for a wonderful product!

  18. Claire

    With only one child in this pram it’s a breeze, easy to power walk with, on uneven surfaces it glides and the storage is AMAZING!! I can do half a grocery shop and walk home with it! I chose this pram because the second seat has so many different options and my toddler can face outwards, not underneath with her feet in the Storage.
    Having my toddler at the front it does obviously become much heavier and has a more difficult turn, the front left wheel loses its weight distribution on uneven surfaces occasionally wobbling until it gains balance again.
    On the whole for a single width double pram I find it very sturdy, safe and very easy to put together/take apart.

  19. Justine

    The City Select LUX has been the best purchase. We bought our Select LUX for our first child as it makes a great single pram but covers all the future options for a growing family too with the ability to have capsules, bassinets, a 2nd FULL sized seat and the option of a bench seat and or board attachment! It offers 20 different configurations so no matter what stage our family is at it will always adapt to suit and we love that versatility! We feel we really future proofed ourselves with this amazing pram. We love how spacious the underbasket is and we have also got the tote bag accessory which is great for shopping and I often get people asking or making comments about how good it is and they wish their prams had one. The easily adjustable handle is great too. I’m quite short and my husband is exceptionally tall so it’s a 2 second easy adjustment for comfort when we swap. Thanks for designing such a great pram Baby Jogger

  20. Louise Gambarotto

    The City Select LUX has been a great pram so far! Did a lot of research before buying. What won me over was other people’s reviews and the fact that when used as a double pram, both seats have the same weight capacity. Very sturdy pram, seat does not move when going over different surfaces and love that the seat is frontward or parent facing and reclines. Will have for many years to come!

  21. Renay Meiring

    I love how my city select LUX moves. The big wheels allows you to glide over any surface. I also love the very generous storage basket and storage behind the seats as well. The actual frame of the pram feels quite strong and sturdy, however does feel bulky and heavy sometimes. I also hope baby jogger releases an adapter to allow the seat closest to the person pushing the stroller, to be higher so when you have a child that is facing you and needs to be in the reclined position, the seat in the front of the stroller can still face forward instead of rearward.

  22. Kieran

    We did a lot of research before buying a pram and both my wife and I loved all the features and options with the city select LUX model. We love how quick and easy it is to assemble and so easy to use. We both find it so easy to lift in and out of the car and we still have so much space in the boot too. We love how it handles so smoothly on all terrains and the hand brake is great how you can slow it down going down hills without a full brake, that’s probably my favourite feature. We do a lot of walking and it helps me feel even more control of the pram at all times. Since getting our Select LUX we have convinced some of our friends and family to also buy one too, not that we had to push hard as this pram sells itself basically and stands out easily compared to many others we have seen. I call this pram our son’s limousine, riding in style with space galore. Highly recommend this pram.

  23. Lucy

    I live on a remote cattle station in QLD and love my city select LUX. It’s all terrain wheels and suspension are great for our rough bumpy roads, which we walk on every morning and it provides a smooth comfy ride for my baby. I also love the large sun shade canopy for sun protection. I am very happy with my purchase of this pram and would highly recommend it to anybody.

  24. Emily Haynes

    Great pram! Off road, on path, easy to fold up, large storage area underneath and room to add another seat. Is quite heavy and big but it’s great to have such a sturdy stylish pram.

  25. Dona

    I couldn’t recommend this City Select Lux highly enough! It was a baby-shower gift and I’m so thankful they chose it! We have another brand that we use for travelling (don’t want our lux to get damaged) and every time my husband and I contemplate leaving it in whichever country we’re in because it’s so frustrating compared to our lux – no joke. It is easy in every way. We have a capsule that is compatible, so was easy attaching to the pram and taking our baby shopping, etc. We also have the bassinet attachment, which was great because it meant I didn’t have to transfer bub if asleep. It’s easy to maneuver and just an all round great pram. You definitely won’t be disappointed.

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