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Guide to the best Baby Jogger strollers for traveling with a newborn

Guide to the best Baby Jogger strollers for traveling with a newborn

When you're looking for the best strollers for newborns for your travels, the right choice can mean the difference between a stress-filled outing and a smooth, delightful one. Baby Jogger has a range of strollers tailored for different needs from first time parents to expanding families.

Among their extensive range, some models stand out as being particularly suited for parents who frequently travel with their newborns or in the considering stages. These compact strollers for newborns have been carefully designed with features that specifically cater to the challenges that come with traveling with a newborn.

These are not just ordinary baby strollers—they are innovative solutions, designed with a keen understanding of what parents need. They boast features that address everything from ease of manoeuvrability in crowded spaces to ensuring your baby's safety and comfort on a day out.

The City Mini GT2 is a top contender. It's lightweight and compact, which makes it a breeze to manoeuvre and stow away. It boasts a seat that swivels around and reclines nearly flat—ideal for nap times. Plus, there's a UV 50+ sunshade to protect your baby from harsh sunrays.

Another stellar model is the City Tour 2. This stroller takes portability a step further—it's even lighter and more compact than the City Mini GT2, perfect for families who fly often or drive smaller cars. Like its sibling, it features a reclining seat and a UV 50+ sun canopy, keeping your little one comfortable and safe during your adventures. The city tour 2™ stroller also meets carry-on requirements for many modes of travel, comes with its carry bag included and folds easily with just one hand making it the perfect travel companion whether you're heading around the world or just a quick dash to the shops!

For parents seeking a stroller compatible with their baby car seat, the City Select LUX is a winner. Many infant car seat brands, including Baby Jogger's own City GO, can be used with this stroller. It also has a reversible seat that adjusts to various positions, providing a cozy resting spot for your baby. Additionally, it comes with a spacious UV 50+ sunshade to keep harmful rays at bay.

What sets these Baby Jogger strollers apart is their combination of lightness, manoeuvrability, and comfort. They offer smooth rides with wheels designed for stability and shock absorption. Plus, they're easy to fold up, which simplifies travel and storage.

Finally, selecting the right stroller is a game changer when you're traveling with a newborn. The City Mini GT2, City Tour 2, and City Select LUX are just a few of Baby Jogger's strollers that make traveling with a newborn a more seamless experience. They provide a safe and comfortable environment for your baby while being light, compact, and easy to handle, which makes carrying and storing them a cinch. No matter what your travel needs are, Baby Jogger has a stroller designed to make your journey with your new baby a joy.

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